Maha Laxmi Samuh Foundation | YUVA CHETNA KENDRA

Maha Laxmi Samuh Foundation was formed in the year 2001 and formally registered four years later in 2005. The foundation has under its umbrella 325 SHGs, of which 315 belong to women and 10 to men.

According to an estimate, 55 per cent of loans from the SHGs have been put to use by the members for income generation activities that include small enterprises and agriculture. Roughly 20 per cent loans have been used for consumption purposes and an equal percentage of loans for meeting out exigencies like marriages, deaths and house repairs. Nearly 5 per cent of loans have been used for education purposes.

Impact of SHGs may be seen in at least three fields:

  1. Economic
    • The federation in terms of economic assets has created a major and useful property to get economic returns like; Rice mill, Flour mill, Power tiller, Tractor, Land and building also
    • The federation members have taken initiatives collectively for collective farming, because they have own land very little. Survival on own land is not possible.
    • In provisions of self employment some of the federation members are started Poultry, Goatry, and milk based business. To encounter the crisis of food grains, grain banks are established.
    • The individuals? data in reference with increment in income is not properly available, but it can observe with growth of group capitals, assets and income.
  2. Political
    • Active participation in panchayat election.
    • Technical support in filing nomination. In panchayat election.
    • Creating awareness during panchayat election for fare voting and selection of good leaders.
    • Conveying in favor of group members who are contesting the election.
    • Provided cooperation during vote at the booth, to facilitate the activities smoothly.
    • Having peaceful stand against powerful candidates.
    • Organized interface between candidate and community to know the intention and objective behind the contesting.
    • Organized welcome ceremony for newly elected panchayat members.
  3. Core Achievements
    • Even, every groups have own leader and they are performing leading role among the groups, villages and other community activities, but at political forum like Panchayat; 34 members of the federation was contested in general election of Panchayat.
    • Till now, the issues whatever being addressed by the federation are:
      • Correction in voters? list and adding some of non listed voters? name
      • Selections of appropriate beneficiary for BPL ration cards.
      • Reformation in Governments? Ration shop for regular opening and proper distribution of Ration.
      • Created pressure on Panchayat and primary education department to reform in Mid-day Meal scheme.
      • Efforts for abolition of alcoholism.
      • Acting as pressure group to promote facilities for the poor.
    • Model entrepreneurial activities are:
      • Rice Mill and flour Mill;
      • Grain banking;
      • Collective farming; and
      • Banana farming.
    • Several others activities are initiated by the federation as:
      • Marriage of orphan girl
      • Labour contribution (Shram Dan)