Laxmi Kisani Kendra | YUVA CHETNA KENDRA

Laxmi Kisani Kendra is a community initiative to provide an access to services and a systemic structural marketing to the community. It is a two-way structure addressing the need of the community. The rural communities and artisans produce many products like vegetables, grains, jaggery, etc., and they need a market for them. They also procure many more things from market.

In both transactions, the local communities and artisans are losers. Laxmi Kissan Kendras minimise these losses by supporting the communities as under:

  1. Service provider for agricultural practices and machineries
  2. Knowledge support to the farming community for better agricultural practices, regular interactions and famers? schooling
  3. Marketing support for locally produced products
  4. Facilitation role
    1. The agriculture system needs much more technical as well as advisory support for its betterment. Small, marginal and landless farmers are too resource poor to avail these services in an appropriate way. The Laxmi Kisani Kendras have evolved a group for facilitating learning processes.

      Also Laxmi Kisanin Kendra has make an arrangement of agricultural implements like foot sprayers, back sprayers, water delivery pipes, winnowing fan, chaff cutter, power tiller, diesel pump-set, duster, etc., and make it available to the community on certain conditions.