Yuva Chetna Kendra has facilitated the process of multi layer federation structure of community organization.

At village level-

Community group like laxmi bachat samuh, adolescent group, youth club, laxmi kisani club other group facilitated by Yuva Chetna Kendra for smooth functioning.

Gram Panchayat level-

All the community groups in the particular gram panchayat converge themselves in to a federated body named as Laxmi Samuh. At this level one member from each group is the member of general body of Laxmi Samuh. A team of 5 members convene the process of strengthing.

At block level-

All the laxmi samuh of particular block federate then selves in to Maha Laxmi samuh. One member from each community identified as the member of general body of mahalaxmi samuh. The executive managerial committee at maha laxmi samuh consist by two representative of community organization through the process.

Maha laxmi samuh–

Maha laxmi samuh is apex federation of community groups facilitated by Yuva Chetna Kendra. Each individual who is the member of community organisation is the member of maha laxmi samuh foundation.

Maha laxmi foundation is regulated by indian trust act.

Composition of Maha Laxmi Samuh is as.-

Executive trust council -3 members
Trust council -18 members