Purvanchal Nadi Ghati Vikas Manch | YUVA CHETNA KENDRA

PNGVM was formed in 2005 by a non-formal group of NGOs of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Most of the members were CASA partners and others having concerned about the tribulations of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

The purpose behind the forum are:

  • To promote a platform of sharing the experiences and effort for collective initiatives.
  • To make an advocacy forum for policy level changes in relief & rehabilitation package for disaster prone area so that a sustainable development process could be evolve.
  • Getting collaboration of stakeholders.
  • To gather resources and apply to specific area as per need.

Membership Profile

Total number of members is 23. Out of 23, female headed are 04 and male headed are 19. Of these six are CASA network members and 17 non-CASA members.

Vision and Mission of the Forum

An established and ingenious center could be grown up for providing technical and social input in development of Eastern UP. A status may positively obtain as consultative partner for Eastern UP development.

  • To establish a local forum for sharing ideas and consultation opportunities.
  • To pool indigenous knowledge of coping mechanism for sustainable disaster management, so that awareness could be generated among the affected community.
  • To make a resource hub for information dissemination and providing handholding support to partners and other line departments and agencies.
  • Establishing as an action forum for initiating developmental issues and campaigning the community for awareness.

Issues Addressed

  • Community Based Disaster Preparedness
  • Relief Package, Boatmen?s Problems, Rehabilitation issues etc.
  • Capacity Building of Network members

Cross-cutting Issues Policy issues

  • Rehabilitation policy;
  • Relief Vs Rehabilitation;
  • Social Security; and
  • Boat Rent And Wages For Boatmen


  • Disaster relief package;
  • Relief package and
  • Rehabilitation of displaced due to riverbank erosion.


  • Panchayat Raj Awareness and voters? education Campaign in General Election 2005;
  • Livelihood and environment;
  • Under the sustainable agriculture component the focus has been on inter-linked strategies- expanding the existing sustainable agriculture package to all the member households through SHGs; strengthening the package through technological and ecological as well as environmental improvements;
  • Campaigning on Human rights.


  • Entitlement Realization for Women.

Issues relating to disaster mitigation & management (flood)

  • Preparedness for Management of Flood Disaster.
  • Backlog honorarium to boatmen?s.
  • River bank erosion.
  • Rehabilitation policy.

Core Achievements of the Forum

Basically, the forum Poorvanchal Nadi Ghati Vikas Manch is newly born. In fact preliminary preparation and some least activities could be performed. But we can say, a firm consensus has been evolved among the partners with zeal of new perspective to break the ice.

Core Challenges

  • To insure mobilization of stakeholders; so that, they could take their stake and participate in process of development.
  • To get the changes in governments? perspective for compassion to victims of disaster.
  • Mobilize politicians to amendment in natural calamity act.
  • Make more fruitful to forum and community centered.


The governance policy for the forum is still in process. It could take some more time in refinement. But, obviously it will be a forum of peoples?. Some of the like-minded group of voluntary organization will lead to this forum. Later on all the strategies will be finalize and researched as per require of the epoch.

Future Plans

  • To get recognized the forum for regional level pressure group.
  • Make forum effective to resolve the problem related to disaster management mechanism.
  • To create scope for seeking supports from other line agencies.
  • Make This Forum Decentralized and Local.