Strengthening Agro-based Livelihood Options | YUVA CHETNA KENDRA

According to an estimate, livelihood of almost 90 per cent of people in the operational area of Yuva Chetna Kendra depends on agriculture - no matter whether they have agricultural land or not. In view of this any attempt to strengthen livelihood options has to be based on agriculture.

Strengthening of agro-based livelihood options involves

  • Sharing on local agricultural practices
  • Training on seed production techniques
  • Promotion of cash crops
  • Promotion of the production of organic manures - nadep, vermi and bio composts
  • Demonstration of
  • Agriculture on sand cast land
  • Seed production
  • Cash crop production
  • Organic manure production
  • Livestock promotion
  • Exposure on successful sites

During and just after the harvesting season prices of grains go very low due to huge supply of agricultural produces in the market. At the same time farmers require capital for preparation of the next crop, refining and storage expenses for the produce obtained from the last crop, repayment of loans and meeting day-to-day needs. For coping with this type of scarcity a Grain and Seed Bank has been developed. Members of this group can borrow money on the basis of their agricultural produce on pre-determined conditions. This is helping the farmers a great deal.