Flood Relief and Preparedeness | YUVA CHETNA KENDRA

The operational area of Yuva Chetna Kendra in Deoria district is situated in a flood zone. Floods negate gains of developmental efforts of not only the organisation, but also of the government. In every instance of flood, relief is extended to the victims so as to minimise the suffering. The relief work is mostly done in collaboration with the government agencies.

Of late the emphasis is on flood preparedness. Under this the following are done:

  • Promotion of a common platform of all the groups, that is, federation of groups
  • Regular meetings and interaction with federation
  • Workshops of disaster preparedness and management

A special mention needs to be made of devastating floods in 1998 in Rudrapur development block. An embankment breached in that year and swirling waters brought with them sand on agricultural fields, rendering the fields unproductive. Appropriate changes in cropping pattern were brought in so livelihood of the farmers was not affected much. Cultivation of vegetables like pumpkin and parwal and fruits like melon and watermelon has been promoted. Efforts have also been made to popularise early maturing varieties of rice with a limited success.