Functional Literacy | YUVA CHETNA KENDRA

The area in which Yuva Chetna Kendra operates not only suffers from high level of illiteracy, but also from lack of awareness among both the literates and illiterates. Awareness generation among the masses, particularly among the members of community based organisations, has been given the name functional literacy.

Under functional literacy, CBOs are imparted skills to put at least their signatures on paper. In addition they are made aware of the problems and issues that they confront in their day to day lives. Some of the problems and issues covered are:

  • Sanitation
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Disasters
  • Group formation and management
  • Panchayat voters awareness campaign
  • Health, intoxication and immunisation

Communication team plays a major role in awareness generation. In addition, meetings, workshops and training are held from time to time for promoting functional literacy among the members of CBOs.

To promote child education, the organisation is running balwadis (non-formal education centres for children) in many villages of the operational area.