Yuva Chetna Kendra works through a number of strategic interventions:

  1. Formation of self help groups. Across the operational area these groups have been named Laxmi Bachat Samooh (Laxmi Savings Groups), on the name of Indian goddess for wealth Laxmi. Most of these groups have all women members, some have all men members and a few have both women and men as members.
  2. In addition to Laxmi Bachat Samooh, other groups of young women and men have been formed. These groups mainly address organisational and mobilisation aspects.
  3. Agriculture still supports livelihood of almost 90 per cent people in the area. Any effort to provide livelihood options, therefore, has to take into account agro-based livelihood options. Strengthening agro-based livelihood options is, therefore, one of the major planks on which the organisation works.
  4. Residents of the area have poor health status mainly because of ignorance and poverty. As a result they are afflicted with a number of diseases. Many of these diseases can be prevented if suitable steps are taken. The organisation does so by running a programme on preventive healthcare.
  5. The operational area faces recurring floods, disrupting normal life out of gear during rains and causing damage to life and property. Flood relief and preparedness tries to mitigate the sufferings of the people.
  6. Since illiteracy is considerably high in the area, functional literacy is imparted to the area's residents to enable them to face adversities of life.

In all the programmes, the work mode involves five steps:

  1. Assessment study
  2. Awareness and sensitisation
  3. Organisation building
  4. Strengthening of organisations built and other stakeholders like panchayats and government system
  5. Convergence of organisations and stakeholders