Pradhans and Other Panchayat Representatives Share their Experiences in a Workshop | YUVA CHETNA KENDRA

Deoria Office

Deoria. Different pradhans and panchayat representatives shared their experiences with each other at the office of the Yuva Chetna Kendra located at local Gayatripuram. The second five year period of panchayats under the new panchayati raj regime is nearing end next year.

Recalling their experiences the panchayat representatives said that after election and swearing in ceremony government officials impart a training covering topics like rights and duties of panchayats and its mode of functioning. But this training is at its best a formality.

Govind Tripathi of Ijarahi said that before the new panchayati raj system came into vogue, training used to be quite effective. He said that he had not been able to have an understanding of the new panchayati raj system as yet.

Pradhan of Narainpur Sharda Devi said that she had to face several problems just for being a woman. While discussing formulation of plans and their implementation in panchayats, the representatives said that they formulated plans related to roads, brick lanes, drains, etc., as per finances available in village funds and get the plans implemented in the overall control of gram panchayats.

The representatives said as pradhans they could not become aware of al the things and they needed advice from the people knowing planning, implementation and constitution to play their roles effectively. Unfortunately, they said, no such provision existed for them. The situation was being exploited by legislators, parliamentarians, administrative officials and opponents to get them into a web of inquiries and put obstacles in effective work.

Recalling their tales of woes and difficulties, pradhans said they needed a positive development oriented collaborative environment so panchayats could become effective.

The workshop was conducted by Yuva Chetna Kendra representatives Datatreya Gupta, Ramashram Prajapati, Wasim Raja and Mainawati Upadhyaya. To make the workshop effective collaborating organisation CASA representative Rajesh played an important role. A total of 38 gram pradhans and panchayat representatives from Rudrapur, Tarkulawa, Desahi Deoria and Deoria development blocks participated in the workshop.

(Translated from original report in Hindi published in the daily newspaper Swatantra Chetna dated November 27, 2004)