Group Women Given Information about Self-employment | YUVA CHETNA KENDRA

Deoria Office

Deoria. Under the auspices of Krishna Mohan Vikalp organisation two day cluster workshop began with a song. After this women of 20 groups gave introduced themselves. During the programme Ramashrya Prajapati divided the women into two clusters and thereafter he gave detailed information to the women as to how groups were formed and why they were formed. He addressed questions like what were the benefits of forming groups, how groups should be run on a continued basis, when meetings of groups should be held and if someone is taking a loan from group funds, how she should return loaned money.

Secretary of Yuva Chetna Kendra Paras Nath Singh gave appropriate suggestions to the women regarding food security. He informed the women about the ways to save money and individual and group employment.

Associates of Yuva Chetna Kendra Munna Lal presented two plays before the women of groups. The theme of the first play was how to become self-reliant, do labour and live one's own life. The theme of the second play was the power of unity - we cannot do anything alone, but if we became one, even impossible can be turned into possible.

(Translated from original report in Hindi published in the daily newspaper Swatantra Chetna dated November 26, 2004)